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AI Assisted Art

With the incredible explosion of Artificial Intelligence tools to create art comes excitement and anxiety.  The gut reaction from many artists is that these tools will enable people to make copycat art cheaply and print or sell it at will. They aren't wrong, exactly.

My opinion, however, is that if someone wants something they made, or cheap art, then they were not in the market for the work of an artist anyway. In fact, if they want to copy an artist, all they need to do is take screenshots from your website and pirate the art. (Please don't do this, it's stealing.)

AI art programs are just tools, like paintbrushes and canvases. What someone who is looking for the quick easy answer creates and what the artist who puts their heart and mind in their works make are two very different things.


I encourage all artists, regardless of medium, to give the AI art programs a try. Most of them let you start for free. Check out this list of AI art programs and I will provide a list of possible uses for all artists. Also, see the video below to see how I am using these tools and which are my favorites at the moment.

Ideas for artists:

  • Create digital art 

  • Edit art and photographs

  • Mock up compositions and ideas

  • Make variations of artworks (ideas for more pieces to a series, 2 and 3D)

  • Mock up your work in places or displays

  • Create models to draw from

To see more and purchase signed prints, unsigned prints, cards, and more, click here. (link coming soon)

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