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Super Galactic

Glacial in a room setting as seen via iArtView app for iPhone

In the rare time that I am not either painting or working hard for my first company (, I have been perusing art shows and trying to determine exactly where I fit with my style of work. When I came across the 'Call for Art' for the Earthrise Art Show to be held at the Kennedy Space Center in conjunction with the Earthrise 50th Anniversary Celebration on the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 8, (This event will also launch the Constellation Foundation), I was immediately interested.

You see, this show brings together a lot of my worlds that I normally keep fairly separate. First, my family members have always been space fans, and I've been lucky enough to attend several NASA events, such as being a VIP at the exchange of Space Shuttles at the Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum.

I entered my piece, Glacial, an acrylic abstract very reminiscent of overhead satellite imagery of a glacier as it winds its way down a mountain. The overhead imagery part harkens back to my experience in the Intelligence Community in both the US Army and in Washington, DC. I worked only partially with overhead imagery and my specialties were more in communications technologies, but my respect for geography and the earth was strengthened by my exposure to the amazing views that are now available to so many through tools like Google Earth.

And of course, the art aspect which is becoming such a large portion of my life.

I am so honored that my piece, Glacial, was accepted into the show to be displayed amongst the other amazing artists. This show means a lot to me and I am excited not only to have Glacial present, but I will also be there to attend the event.

I feel very lucky and honored to participate!


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