• Kirby Plessas

On becoming an Artist

Asilomar 2, freshly painted.

I've always been an artist, but only somewhat recently decided to become an Artist™.

From drawing beauty contests and horses in grade school, to a college art project that was partially destroyed and yet still hung in my grandparents home for years, to painting pop-art for my own home later in life, I have always been an artist.

My grandmother was my biggest art cheerleader, but she was the only one who would have encouraged me to continue it professionally. As it was, I ended up going to college pursuing literature and then joining the Army and enjoying a rich career in technology. But always coming back to art. I have always been an artist.

At some point, my art and technology loves collided and I found some great artists on YouTube and Instagram. The neighborhood I had recently moved to had a vibrant art community. One of my favorite local restaurants was located next door to an art gallery, and one day I walked in...

Through my adult life, I never considered becoming a professional artist. I never envisioned my art in a gallery. I never thought I would sell my art. Not because I didn't think I was good - I have always believed in my own talent and eye. No, I just didn't assume I would ever have the time to make the body of work needed. But then one day I decided to try. I am an Artist.

Part of the inspiration to get going was that, despite my extremely busy travel schedule for my own technology based company, I was excited to paint every day I had at home. I kicked the cars out of the garage and took over the whole area. I had discover fluid art. I was mixing and dumping great quantities of paint daily. I experimented with colors, techniques, formulas, backdrops... and I created enough artwork that when the local gallery put out the Call for Art, I had enough pieces of good quality that I could enter. And I was accepted. I am an Artist.

If you are creating art and are looking wistfully at those making a career as an artist - just jump in. If I have time to do it with my punishing travel schedule, anyone can do it. If you can create, you can also take a few minutes to make a website, start an instagram page and join your local arts league. You are an Artist.

I hope to give more encouragement to artists and art lovers in future posts. In the meantime, join my community. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Soon I will have a tech tips community as well. There is so much more to come!

And please, come visit me as an Artists in Residence at The Gallery at El Pedregal. I'm there most Friday afternoons.

I, Artist.

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