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Long distance Bingo

I hope everyone is feeling healthy. This pandemic is creating a lot of anxiety (about health and incomes) and it is keeping us apart from those we love. For that reason, my family is playing Bingo over Zoom and I thought I would share the methods.

First, allows anyone to use the service for free for up to 40 minutes, but it is only $15/month for a pro account that removes the time limits. So get a Zoom account.

Next, create a scheduled Zoom meeting (available on the first page of the Zoom dashboard). Look through the settings and set up the "waiting room" which will keep unwanted visitors out. Then you can invite your friends and family members.

Download printable Bingo cards. Here are a couple Bingo card generators:

Grab something to color in your Bingo cards that will still show the number through it (for double-checking wins). If you already own Bingo daubers - go you! If not, highlighters, light colored markers, colored pencils, light colored crayons and watercolors will work.

Assign someone the task of Bingo caller. Because this person will be using a Bingo number generator (or Google Random Numbers 1-75) they are also eligible to play the games. Here are some Bingo number generators:

The person who is the bingo caller should share their screen through Zoom (the button to share screen is at the bottom of the Zoom window).

Pick prizes that will work long distance or just play for bragging rights. Have fun!

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