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Happy 2019 - a year of art and goals

Last year was a great art year for me. I joined the local art league, I submitted to more shows and events than I ever had before, and I've never felt more creative. I'm hoping I can continue this trend through 2019, and I have some specific and inspiring goals for the upcoming year. I hope you will join me in some of these goals!

1. Make more art!

Yeah, this one is obvious, but I'm not in the position where art is my primary career focus. I do have to purposely schedule in time for art. Even full-time artists need to schedule time to be creative or other distractions will take over. My primary income comes from my cyber investigations business (, which will not be changing any time soon. While I will continue to focus on making that company a success, I will also schedule in time to create, edit, and complete my pieces.

2. Stay updated online

I'm a sharing person. I like to share what I know and what I'm doing. Those who know me for already know this. I have also been sharing a lot of my art making process on Instagram (and through that to Facebook) but I could share more. Ideally I will not only blog more, but I'll keep this website updated and more useful to others as well as a more functional store in which to sell my own art. Watch this space - I hope it becomes a destination for future artists.

3. Working on community

I love online community. I love community in general and I am finding the art community in my chosen location ( as well as the arts community online to very a very supportive and generous community. I plan to be more active. and I plan to make my art existence more interactive. This means more videos on instagram. More work on my Facebook groups. More outreach to others. More blogging!

4. Activate my Facebook group

That's right! Speaking about community - I have a Facebook group. I have some very specific social media knowledge that I will be using in my own marketing but will also share with other artists and I will be inviting other artists to share their marketing skills as well. A lot of it will happen on this blog but also specifically in my Facebook group: Instagram Strategy for Artists. Feel free to join. At the moment it is focused on Instagram, but I expect we will touch many other aspects as well. Do not be deterred by the few simple questions to answer before joining, this is only to keep out the bots. Come join us!

5. Submit more work to shows and eventsI submitted more art in shows in 2018 than ever before, but that was still a relatively low number. I am compiling a list of resources for Calls for Art and I will share them here. I will soon post a blog on where I have been looking for these as well as the ones I intend to enter. Maybe even a calendar of such events that catch my eye. My work is primarily contemporary and abstract, so there are only certain shows that will be applicable to me, but I do plan to give resources for others looking for places to enter who have different forms of art.

Happy New Year and feel free to connect with me on Instagram. I would love to know your art-based resolutions and goals. And if you have any suggestions for blog topics - let me know! A few ideas I'll be writing about include: art/business podcasts (I'm a podcast addict), instagram, pinterest, facebook, editing my art and editing your art, mediums, etc.

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