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Butte - Limited Edition Print

My "Maps" series artwork art stylized maps feature some of the special places in my life. My hometown, Butte, Montana, has a colorful history. It was a mining town. First gold, then silver, and then came copper. In fact, so much copper was mined that it was given the nickname "Richest Hill on Earth". Where there is money, there is also drama, and thus came the "War of the Copper Kings" featuring millionaires (they would be billionaires if we converted to today's dollars) William Clark, Marcus Daly and Augustus Heinz.

The city is still the richest hill on earth when it comes to spirit and pride of place. Even those of us who left long ago stay very involved in the city and always call it home even when we've made homes in other places.

For more on Butte:

This graphic features the "gallus frames" of The Original and The Belmont. The frames are NOT on the correct place on the map at my own artistic license. I chose to use the hill of Montana Tech through the St James Hospital map as my background.

Limited Editions include free shipping within the United States.

Printed on Metal

10 Limited Edition Prints in 2 sizes

Mugs, bags and more with the same print.

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