• Kirby Plessas

All Art Arizona

I'm excited to announce that my painting "Inner Piece" has been accepted to All Art Arizona, and will be on exhibit from June 12 to August 3, 2019.

Inner Piece

Please join me on June 15 for the artists' reception.

Inner Piece is one of the beginning pieces to my new River Bottoms series. It was a painting that I was unsure of for a long time. One I had reworked multiple times. Until I started the River Bottoms series, I severely disliked this painting. But when I started mapping out the river rocks, I realized the piece was lit from within and gives you both the feeling of being drawn down into the whirlpool and simultaneously emerging from it. I see it as a metaphor for my artistic confidence. We all start with hesitance but if we keep working, keep changing and learning, we can emerge from the depths of uncertainty.

I now have learned to love this painting.

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